"They're Going to Investigate You and Put You in Jail"


People often ask if I think the QAnon influencers I met are true believers or just grifters. With Brad Barton, the answer was obvious. A serial MLM grifter, Barton already had a sizable platform before he started hawking QAnon conspiracies. Though he has already switched back to MLM mode, converting his audience into a large downline, Barton held several QAnon events in 2021. One of these was Liberty for All in Spartanburg, South Carolina, featuring Pastor Greg Locke and Lin Wood.

I plan to write about this conference later (a main focus of it was encouraging us to bully our local and fairly elected GOP officials into quitting so the radical wing of the party could take over), but there isn’t much that I can say that would be more effective than showing you what the conference was like, so here it is. No belief expressed in this video was something that would ostracize the speaker from a general QAnon crowd.

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Amanda Moore